expert reports

Demlakian Strata & Remedial provide comprehensive expert reports in compliance with the requirements of the CTTT, The Department of Fair Trading, the Local Court and the District Court as well as the Supreme Court of NSW.

With experience in addressing the needs of magistrates and arbitrators in dispute matters, Demlakian Strata & Remedial prepare expert reports in a form that deals not only with identification of defects but ensures that causation and non compliance are also clearly identified and outlined to ensure that matters are promptly and successfully dealt with in hearings.

Having prepared reports for and having worked with some of the most esteemed Strata Solicitors and Barristers in NSW over the past 35 years, Demlakian Strata & Remedial continue to provide successful expert advice for a variety of building matters.

Ensuring success comes from a continual commitment to providing professional & accurate advice without compromise or conflict.