expert witnesses

The Strata & Remedial Team at Demlakian provides experienced & intelligent advice and litigation support services to the property sector, including forensic investigations to identify causation, the identification of specific non compliances and provide court compliant reports in order to achieve the most effective outcome for their clients.

Your investment is our concern; your outcome is our goal.

As experts in both detailed construction, design of building structures and the Investigation of defects, the preparation of Defect reports, Audit reports, as well as the Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Documents for building defects, Demlakian Strata & Remedial are professional engineers who when working with suitably qualified and experienced Strata Lawyers provide expert advice on HOW matters & CTTT matters with extremely high success.

We at Demlakian take the time to understand your needs, your limitations and your desired outcome to ensure that provide you with a value for money result where ever possible. To date, our results over 35 years are second to none.

  • Forensic Investigations
  • Expert Reports for HOW & CTTT Claims
  • Preparation of Scott Schedules
  • Litigation Support
  • Court Expert Witnesses