dilapidation reports

A Dilapidation Report is intended to be a report that solely identifies the state of disrepair of a building or building elements in order to record the overall condition of the building at a point in time.

Usually these reports are conducted due to concerns over the potential damage that might be caused by impending building works on an adjoining property and usually only conducted due to its requirement in the conditions of approval by the local authority, namely Council.

Hence, by definition if existing defects are omitted from the report, it is implied that the building is in a sound state of repair and does not have this defect. This omission however has not been supported by the courts and has resulted in owners being left uncompensated when existing defects which were missed were exacerbated considerably.

Demlakian Strata & Remedial have produced over 4,000 dilapidation reports and are experienced to ensure that they are detailed, correctly catalogued and suitable for evidence if required.