road works

Demlakian have undertaken road works designs as part several major projects and provide a proactive approach in resolving successful outcomes with Councils, the RTA and other Authorities.


Case Studies

Menangle Road, Menangle, NSW

Widening of this RTA controlled road required provision of a new entry cul-de-sac suitable for use by heavy vehicles such as buses and garbage trucks. Widening of Menangle Road was required to ensure safe access to the new cul-de-sac. This included left turn deceleration and acceleration lanes, a dedicated right turn bay and passing lane. Overall both directions were upgraded over a length of approximately 400 metres.

New South Head Road & Kent Road, Double Bay, NSW

This project required detailed liaison with the RTA, Council and all service providers. The works required addition of a lengthened right turn bay to New South Head Road and adjustment of the road geometry to provide for the existing two lanes of through traffic to continue unimpeded. Widening and realignment of the left turn into Kent Road was required as well as additional parking, pavement and signalling adjustments. Relocation of significant existing services was required.


Other projects include:

  • Widening of the Princes Highway, Ulladulla
  • Lachlan Street, Waterloo
  • Reconstruction of Greengate Lane, Killara
  • O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo
  • Delmar Parade, Dee Why