In the design, documentation and supervision of large civil and infrastructure projects, our clients rely on us for intelligent solutions that incorporate cost-effectiveness, creativity and quality, yet reflect the numerous social and environmental needs of the community.

It is the complex nature of such developments that demand the flexible and holistic approach of our senior staff, as they use their extensive knowledge to interrogate all aspects of the project and make a quantifiable difference to the outcome.

At Demlakian we have used this approach in a variety of industry sectors, from subdivisions, road works and public domain facilities, to the more technical and specialised projects, such as sewage and water treatment plants, with outstanding success.

Our services include:

    • Bulk earthworks design and optimisation
    • Road design including alignment and grading for local and arterial roads
    • Pavement design
    • Road widening
    • Major Car Parks for schools, commercial and industrial sites
    • Private and public subdivisions
    • Retaining structures
    • Bridges
    • Railway structures