The Principal, Ken Demlakian, began Demlakian Consulting Engineers with a vision of building an organisation that created strong partnerships with clients, because through true partnership, great projects are created and life long friendships are established.

Demlakian has contributed significantly to the Australian construction industry for over 35 years. It has provided creative, innovative engineering solutions to a variety of projects as well as provided comprehensive, high quality consultancy and remedial services to the strata industry to over 4,000 projects.

From its inception, Demlakian has provided the highest quality engineering services to its clients. Over time, the firm’s dedication to excellence and continual attention to detail and prompt service saw demand develop in the strata and remedial sector. Clients wanted the Demlakian approach to solutions and in-depth understanding of engineering for their own strata problems.

As a result, Demlakian now offers engineering solutions to Australia’s most esteemed and awarded architects, developers, project managers and builders, as well as superior strata and remedial services to the most professional of Strata Managers, Strata Lawyers, Executive Committees and individual lot owners who recognise the value of their asset.