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Demlakian has been a long-standing and well-regarded member of the Australian Property Sector for over 35 years.

Demlakian provides a unique mix of lateral and intelligent thinking with practical and high quality design solutions to all problems and to all its services.

The Group’s expertise comprises of two core Business Units encompassing the following services:

slash Residential slash Civic / Public Domain slash Urban Drainage / On-site Detention
slash Commercial slash Infrastructure  
slash Industrial slash Bridges slash Flood Studies
slash Retail slash Roadworks slash Water Harvesting & Re-use
slash Schools / Education slash Car Parks / Traffic slash Water Sensitive Urban Design
slash Health / Seniors Living slash Subdivisions slash Soil & Water Management
slash Hospitality     slash Building Services
slash Recreation        
slash Houses        


slash Investigations & Diagnosis slash Overall Project Management slash Forensic Investigations
slash Defect / Audit Reports slash Sinking Fund Forecasts slash Expert Reports
slash Specifications / Scope of Works slash Contract Administration slash Scott Schedules
slash Durability Assessments slash Tender Reviews slash Litigation Support
slash Dilapidation Reports slash Feasibility Studies slash Court Expert Witnesses
slash Supervision of works        

The Demlakian Engineering and Strata and Remedial services are fundamentally connected by an unwavering dedication of all staff to providing clients with high quality solutions and superior customer service on each and every project.

Across all disciplines, the Demlakian difference is characterised by the involvement of senior managers and designers throughout the life of the project - an important approach which ensures that lateral thinking, creativity and experience are offered every time.

We are committed to the success of your project and the value experience you deserve.

B.E.(Hons I), FIEAust, CPEng NPER, FAIM
CEO / Principal

kenKen founded Demlakian in 1984 after gaining significant experience with highly regarded international and Sydney based consulting firms, where he was responsible for the detailed design and documentation of major civil structures.

Ken has considerable experience in a unique mix of both the design and development of the total building process together with extensive Construction knowledge and expertise and can draw on his experience of a wide range of commercial, retail, industrial, institutional and residential projects to assist in the development of cost efficient and construction friendly solutions.

Over 35 years, Ken has utilised Intelligent Thinking with Lateral and Innovative Solutions to provide clients with Value results time and time again.

Ken is a graduate of the University of Sydney in engineering with first class honours and was awarded University prizes in Structures and Design. He has also completed a Masters Diploma in Structural Engineering, also from the University of Sydney. Ken is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia and NPER registered in civil & structural disciplines.

Ken relies on a mixture of high academic skills combined with representative sporting achievements in his pursuit of excellence whether it be Solutions or service to clients in what is an ever increasing competitive climate.

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